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Here at MOVE360Physiotherapy our devoted health professionals aim to provide you with the necessary treatment to get you back on your feet in no time.

Our objective is to assess, diagnose and identify your problems, enabling us to create an effective treatment plan that will let you achieve your goals in no time.

Our main goal is to KEEP YOU IN ACTION. 


The Health practitioners at  MOVE360 will diagnose, assess, and use top quality research to treat you throughout your recovery. 


Mr Henry Danyal

Languages Spoken:
English, Assyrian, Arabic


Mr Ali Jafary

Languages Spoken:
English, Dari/Persian, Hindi, Urdu, 

Mr Anjel Alias

Languages Spoken:
English, Assyrian, Arabic


Ms Sushila Kalu

Languages Spoken:
English, Nepalese, Hindi


sports injury treatment

If you have injured yourself during sport or at the gym and experiencing pain and affected function the Physios here will get you back onto the playing field in no time


Overworked and feeling tension throughout your body, the Physios here will find all your trigger points and help you relax and improve your overall wellbeing

post-surgery rehabilitation 

Ranging from joint replacements, fracture management, to ACL/Rotator cuff repairs, the Physios will ensure you are at ease and full recovery post-op

women's health physiotherapy

Whether your requiring pre/post natal assistance or improvement in your pelvic floor muscles the Physios here will assist with all your concerns to improve your daily living

dry needling

Improve your tension, musculoskeletal complaints and movement with the insertion of thin monofilament needles that penetrate through your skins layers

motor vehicle accident

Complaints of pain and present injuries after a motor vehicle accident? The Physios here will ensure appropriate treatment following any type of car accident

workercover injury

The Physios here will make your transition to work much easier following a work related incident & provide  treatment for your work related injuries

neurological rehabilitation

With the overall goal of improving strength, function, coordination and overall wellbeing the Physios here will guide you through your neurological rehab

musculoskeletal injuries

Suffering from muscle or skeletal problems, injuries & Pain. the Physios here are experts at treating your MSK complaints and getting you into action in no time

aged care

The physios will provide you with appropriate management to improve your strength, movement, balance and function to lead to reduced risk of falls and improve health & wellbeing